March 14, 2011

Mission: Find a Diaper Bag!

I have been on the hunt for a fantastic diaper bag for some time now. I just can not find one that I love.

Since we know that we are having a little boy, hubs told me not to even think about a "girly" looking bag, which ruled out all of the awesome hot pink bags that I found.  I was wondering if pink would be inappropriate as little boy's diaper bag, but I am the one carrying it, right?

So, I have found some bags that I really do like! Not a pink bag in the bunch! I really wasn't that serious about a pink bag..... :)

But I do want something that is stylish!

Here are some baby bags that I found.

Cute bag. Gender neutral.

nylon stevie baby bag

Love the navy color! Also really like the shape and size.

kate spade nylon maryanne baby bag

I am really loving the hardware on this bag!

Black is always in style!

Super cute, really like the buckles.

OiOi Baby Bags 6371 Black Giraffe Shopper Tote Diaper Bag

Fun animal print!

Dying over this python print!!!

What do you think? Which one did you like the best?


  1. the Rebecca Minkoff is my favorite!!

  2. I would go with Burberry or the Coach depending on how much you want to spend. That long strap comes in handy early on!

  3. Maryanne Baby Bag for sure. It's so chic!

  4. I like the first one, but one thing to keep in mind as it is nice to have one that your husband will carry as well. It's amazing how much stuff there is to carry with a child...

  5. I heart the Python print, but I am a sucker for animal prints. I also love the Kate Spade one.

  6. I am a Kate Spade Junkie...I need a program or something...but that Stevie bag is GORGEOUS! Of course that Rebecca Minkoff bag is pretty hot for a diaper bag too (c: I mean, can you really go wrong with python?

  7. Oh, I love all of these! And you're on a great track!! It's never good to go pink or blue otherwise if you ever have more kids it's another thing you have to buy! Love your choices!!!

  8. I'm voting for the kate spade Maryanne baby bag. My first diaper bag was a KS and looked almost the same! (the nylon can be spot cleaned and wears well. It also doesn't "look" like a diaper could use it as a regular handbag after the baby is older.) Although almost all of these choices look like regular bags. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them...but you have to LOVE the one you pick because you'll be hauling it around for at least 8-12months. (after they're a year you don't need to cart around so much stuff..just a few diapers and wipes and snacks and you're off!)

  9. I have the Kate Spade Stevie (in kelly green from a few years back) and I have loved this bag! It wipes off easily and I have gotten a million compliments. Go with something lightweight, especially when you are traveling you will find the lighter the better. Thanks for following Scout :)

  10. I got the Kate Stevie and even though I haven't used it yet I LOVE it!!! It's very stylish and not too mom-ish. = )


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