October 30, 2012

God's Blessings

I had to share this with you because I believe when your Faith has brought you through good times and bad times, you should share your stories of how God has helped you through those experiences.

I have tendency to stress out. Like majorly. I give myself headaches. I grind my teeth when I sleep. I have an upset stomach. I can probably out-worry any other person I know. Not something that I am proud of, and it is something that I am working on.

When hubs gave me the news that he got promoted, and we were moving to southern California, my anxiety kicked in to overdrive. I immediately started worrying about everything. From money (hey, Cali is ma-juh expensive), to housing, to selling our house, to packing up and getting all of our belongings moved, etc.... you get the point. I obsess. And it isn't healthy.

When I was over-thinking everything, I felt this calmness come over me and this feeling that I just needed to be patient and trust in God.

And I did.

And we had set-backs.
And upsets.
And I would worry.
And get upset.

And then I reminded myself to believe. To have faith. God is good. Everything will work itself out.

I repeated this to myself over and over and over again.

And you know what? Everything did work out. We received so many blessings that could have only come from God working his miracles. Every single thing I worried about, was taken care of. I could go into a long list of specifics, but that would take many blog posts. Just know that all of my worries, when I gave them up to God, ended up working out. God has blessed me and my family. And I just needed to share with you that when I gave up worrying, God took care of everything.

Just have Faith.


  1. Great post my friend! I am the same way I get stressed out and anxious about everything but trusting God and saying a prayer always helps. I am so glad your move went well!! btw I am kind of jealous you live in CA, I have never even visited but I know I would love it!!

  2. what a great message, I need to remember that more often!! Thanks

  3. Praise God!!!

    I hope all is going well. Sometimes the things we worry & obsess the most about, never even happen! (at least for me!!) So thankful your feeling better & at ease:)


  4. Preach! We have to trust in God! He will always take care of us!

  5. Great message! Sometimes you just have to give your worries to God and trust he can handle them for you

  6. Yes! I had some things going on in my life a few months ago, and I had such anxiety, I couldn't sleep at night and was almost like a walking zombie. As soon as I started to pray about it, I felt such an instant relief, and so many blessings have come into my life since I've left it to God! Such a wonderful post!

  7. So well said (c: I'm so glad you are back on the blog circuit! And holy moly, how did your little man get so *BIG*?!? You had him like yesterday, right??? (c; He is so dang adorable, Happy Birthday, Owen!

  8. Such a beautiful post and wonderful reminder! I'm so glad God saw you through the big transition!

  9. Sweet post. Always good to keep in mind. :)


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