November 27, 2012

Turkey Day in Cali!

Happy Tuesday!

Where did Thanksgiving go? It went by way too fast!

Our first Thanksgiving here in Cali was interesting to say the least.

I spent time getting an MRI on Wednesday evening for my back problems, and a return trip to the docs office Friday because I was in so much pain. Got a med adjustment and was sent on my way. Hubs came down with a nasty 24hour stoamch bug, and baby had a cold.

Fun times at our house.

We did spend Thanksgiving day all of us piled on the couch watching the parade and enjoying yummy breakfast treats. Then it was off to a friend's house that hubs works with for a turkey dinner. It was so good. They are from the south and they made all of the delicious southern comfort food. Needless to say I had no problem stuffing my face. We had a great time eating, talking and watching our little boys play together. Too bad they are moving back to the east coast in 3 weeks.

Baby O found a toy that he played with non-stop at the friend's house. So of course I made hubs go out and get it for him. I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to him. And when baby O shrieked with excitement when he saw it, I knew I made the right decision to give in and give it to him!

The "boys" setting up baby's new toy

Baby O  with his new toy

Sunday we managed to venture in to Hollywood for brunch and shopping! We had a great time people watching, and walking around enjoying the Christmas decor.

Baby is excited for Christmas!

It was a great Thanksgiving.  Just because my little family was all together.


  1. O is so cute! I want that pirate ship!! Glad everyone is feeling better!

  2. Hope you all are feeling better now! What a fun new toy!!

  3. hope you are doing better now! it sucks being sick or hurting during the holiday season

  4. Going to Hollywood for brunch and shopping? You're SO California now. :)

    Where did you go for brunch? That photo looks like they had a nice outdoor space and now I want to go there.

  5. sounds like your first Thanksgiving away was a good one, minus the back pains and flu!! Have you had your first celebrity sighting yet???

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